The traditional brand ALAN S.r.I. was founded 1972 by the italian engineer Lodovico Falconi with the intention of building light bicycle frames out of aluminium. The name ALAN is generated by the prenames of his children Alberto (AL) and Annamaria (AN). The traditional style of manfacturing the frames was a connection of tubes an lugs using glue. This technique was allready well established in aerospace. In 1976 allready the first frames using carbon-fibre tubes were build in cooperation with companies working with fibre reinforced plastics.

From the very beginning, ALAN supported cyclists and trade teams all over the world. The german based HA-RO (1973) and the national team of Poland (1974) and of course many italian teams such as Vibor, GBC, Selle Royal, Santini and others. Very successful was the cooperation with the spanish TEKA squad and unforgotten the classic columbian VARTA team with the winner of the polka dot jersey of the Tour de France in 1985, Luis Herrera. At women-cycling ALAN supports the very successfull MICHAELA FANNINI team.

Strongly linked is the brand ALAN with cyclocross - riders like Thaler, Kluge, Wolfshohl, Stamsnijder, Zweifel and Pontoni were the fundament of many world titles.

Since now ALAN produces some of the best frames the market has to offer.

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